Mitutoyo HV-100 Series SERIES 810 – Vickers Hardness Testing Machines

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Part Number : HV-100 Series

• Vickers hardness testers have a wide application in testing metals, especially small heat-treated parts,
and are also suitable for making special-purpose tests such as carburized case hardness, maximum
hardness of spot welds, high-temperature hardness, and fracture toughness of ceramic materials.
• Objective lenses specifically developed for hardness testing are supplied. A clear and natural view of an
indentation is achieved by changing the light source of the illumination from halogen to LED.
• A new 2X lens for wide-angle observation has been added to the range. Now, magnifications of 10X,
20X, 50X and 100X for observation and gauging; and 5X and 2X for observation are available. Also, the
working distance is doubled (5.9 to 11.8mm) for the 10X objective lens (in-house comparison) to
minimize the risk of collision between the workpiece and the lens during operations.
• In addition to Vickers hardness testing, fracture toughness tests (IF Method: JIS R 1607) and other tests
can be performed with optional accessories such as a Knoop indenter and additional indenters and a
weight for Micro Brinell testing.
• Four systems are available: Basic model A; model B equipped with automatic indentation reading
function; model C equipped with automatic indentation reading function and automatic XY stage;
model D equipped with automatic indentation reading function, automatic XY stage, and auto-focus

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