X2000 HD | Industrial Pipe inspection camera with 7″ LCD touchscreen | Resolution 1024x600 and IP 57 camera head | Probe length up to 7m

Brand : Image Brand
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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : X2000

In order to comply with maintenance rules, many inspections demand comprehensive documentation. Since professionals frequently take photos and videos while doing inspections, the X2000 provides extensive file management and annotation features and is compatible with our report generating assistance programme Insight. Videoscopes must be dependable allies in challenging circumstances. They must be resistant to dust and water, as well as tough enough to endure being scratched by metallic surfaces. In addition to being IP67 approved, our tungsten braided insertion probes can endure scratches and abrasions. They also provide up to 100 degrees of heat resistance. The console unit of the X2000 is IP54 rated and provides military-standard protection, including drop resistance of up to 1 m. Videoscopes must capture excellent images even in difficult conditions, such as shiny metallic or slick surfaces, especially in highly sophisticated or technical applications. The X2000 succeeds by providing ultra-high resolution photos (2560*1440) and similarly excellent movies (1920*1080). Photos and videos are sharp and clear on the 7′′ LCD touchscreen. Additionally, it offers a manual exposure feature that enables adjusting to challenging lighting conditions and preventing glare.

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