Gagemaker MRP-2003-10 | Internal/External Crest Diameter Gage | 10” reach | Internal Range 3½” – 20” | External Range 2⅜” – 20”

Brand : Image Brand
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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : MRP-2003-10

The internal and external pitch diameters of tapered threaded connections are measured using the Gagemaker MRP® crest diameter gauges. These precise gauges allow you to have complete control over your quality because they instantly identify any minute deviations in diameter or ovality. These adaptable gauges may quickly be adjusted to measure thread sizes between 112" and 20". There is no longer a need for a room full of ring or plug gauges because one gauge can inspect a variety of diameters. Through the employment of a gauge shoe that rests on the threads' crest, the MRP® family of gauges can measure variations in crest diameter (also known as pitch diameter). The indicator readout can identify diameter variations.

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