General FAQ

  • How do I know that General tech product's are authentic?
  • How do I arrange for calibration of my instrument?
  • What methods of payment do we accept?
  • Do you require a purchase order (PO) before my order is processed?
  • Where do I send the equipment?
  • How do I arrange payment for calibration?
  • Where do I send my purchase order?
  • If I want to set up an account for payment terms, how long does it take for approval?
  • How do I go about canceling my order?
  • How long has General tech been in business?

We are the direct authorised distributors for the products listed online. Every item supplied through General tech comes with a standard warranty and if not more with different products. For any after-sales difficulties, please call us at +971-6-5436933

You can arrange for service in multiple ways:

We accept purchase orders and cash on delivery for established online accounts. That being said we are in the process of upgrading our payment schemes and if you would like to be notified when we have the update, kindly register a user account.

We do not require a purchase order for in-house calibrations of items for the order to be processed. However we will only deliver the materials back to the office once we have received the PO. For on-site calibration and repair, we require the PO before commencement of work.

Once you have sent the PO, you can:

We accept purchase orders, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

You can

The approval would be generally done within one working day.

Please contact us at +971-6-5436933

Kindly note that some items cannot be cancelled/returned after ordering.

General tech was founded in 1998. Read more at About Us

Calibration FAQ

  • What is your standard turnaround time for calibration?
  • Do you offer express calibration service?
  • What are your calibration express fees?
  • Do you offer pickup and delivery service?
  • What if my instrument cannot be calibrated?
  • Can you provide me a recommended calibration interval for my instrument?
  • Do you provide accredited reference level calibrations?
  • Are you ISO 17025 accredited?
  • Can you provide calibrations calculated at 95% confidence K-=2?
  • What type of instruments do you calibrate?
  • Can I specify points for my calibration?
  • Is my calibration warrantied over the length of my calibration interval?
  • What are "uncertainties" and why would I need them?
  • What makes General tech different from any other calibration provider?
  • All I need is a cal sticker what difference does it make who I use?
  • Do you have a pricing list/chart for the equipment you do have the capabilities to calibrate?

Our turnaround time for a standard calibration will be 4 working days. For certain instruments the turnaround time might extend due to the nature of job.

They are served on a first come basis and we usually can deliver within 24 hours of receiving the instruments. Some calibrations may experience a longer turnaround time due to the nature of calibration service required.

Fees vary depending on the instrument. Please consult with our sales representative for exact pricing.

Yes we do offer pickup and delivery services within a 200 mile radius around most of our labs. Please contact our sales representatives for specific information about availability.

If the instrument falls out of tolerance and needs to be repaired before calibration, you will be notified either via an email or a call. Based on the severity of servicing required a number of different options may be available including: repair of the instrument by us at our repair by the OEM if applicable, or we can provide a quote for a replacement instrument.

No, we cannot recommend a calibration interval. The calibration interval is chosen by you based on the company quality policy and usage of equipment.There are many other factors to choose the calibration interval and if you do need any assistance please let us know.

Yes, we offer DAC (Dubai Accreditation Center) accredited reference level calibrations in a variety of disciplines including: dimension, electrical, temperature, mass, and pressure. Contact our office at +971-6-5436933 or visit: (Calibration page) to know more.

Yes, our labs have been audited for compliance and accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by DAC (Dubai Accreditation Center). The calibration system and related activities comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 17025 as applicable. Our accredited parameters include- dimension, temperature, electrical, mass, torque, and volume. We are the only calibration lab in UAE authorised to issue 17025 calibration certificates for dead weight testers. Click here to read more.

Yes all our calibrations are calculated at a 95% confidence level.

We calibrate a wide variety of instruments across a number of disciplines including electrical, temperature, pressure,dimensional, humidity, torque, flow, reference level, and many more. For a complete overview of our capabilities, click here

Yes you can specify which points are used for your calibration. There may be an additional charge based on the number of points requested and calibration required.

No. There are many reasons that can affect performance of an instrument such as handling, environmental conditions, improper use etc. We test and calibrate the instruments at optimum conditions and certify accordingly as per standards applicable.

Uncertainties define the technical capability of a lab and lower the uncertainty better the measurement. Please click here to know our uncertainties.

General tech invests significantly in its quality and operations departments to ensure our systems and processes are correct. This includes state of the art equipment, technical and quality team and much more. Offering free pick up and drop off services all of our calibrations are traceable to international standards at a nominal rate. Furthermore, we are the sole authorised service center for WIKA DH-Budenberg and HIOKI which saves the hassle of sending the equipment to UK and Japan for repair.

The whole purpose of calibration is to test and validate that the instruments are performing as per manufacturing standards. On the other hand if it is not calibrated properly and a certificate is issued, there is a safety concern while measuring. Your measured values might be wrong and the error in measurement is reflected to every other system/process related to the instrument used. In order to be sure of the calibration services, it is your right to audit the lab and check for yourself

Due to the vast number of items we calibrate, we do not have a complete price list. You can:

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