Flaw Detector & Thickness Gauge DFX-7

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Both an ultrasonic flaw detector and an ultrasonic A/B Scan thickness scope are combined in the Dakota DFX-7. Thickness gauges are set up specifically to measure thickness, find defects, pits, and blind surface corrosion with extreme accuracy. Dimensional thickness is the main consideration for building all of the linearity tables, correction curves, and features for different types of longitudinal transducers. Flaw detectors are made to locate, size, and distinguish between different sorts of flaws in a variety of materials and welded connections. Inspectors typically scan the surface of a part or test specimen at a relatively rapid pace rather than looking for the thickness at a specific place, so a defect detector must be quick in terms of sample and screen refresh rates. The DFX-7 series comes in two variations: DFX-7 and DFX-7+. The DFX-7 is a wide band only gauge that has a single wide band filter with a 1.8MHz to 19MHz frequency range. The DFX-7+ has the same wide band filter as the DFX-7, but it also offers a few options for narrow band filters at 2MHz, 5MHz, and 10MHz. All signals within the specified frequency range are receptive to the wide band option. Narrow band filters, on the other hand, focus on the transducer output at the targeted frequency and reject noises outside of it. The DFX-7 combines the two different gauge types into a single, robust instrument with complete functionality and a number of extensive toolkits that give the user the tools they need to handle a variety of common field applications.  

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