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Thimble and sleeve satin chrome finish, ø18 mm
With spindle lock, ø6.35 mm, spindle pitch 0.5 mm
0.01 mm

Mitutoyo 126-131 Screw Thread Micrometer Interchangeable Tips, 150-175mm

Brand : Image Brand
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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : 126-131

This Screw Thread Micrometer should be used with optional, interchangeable, anvils/spindle-tips that allow you to measure a wide range of metric/unified and Whitworth screw-thread pitch diameters. A metric (unified) 60º setting standard is included with all models except those measuring from 0. To measure Metric/Unified or Whitworth threads, anvils and spindle points are interchangeable in matched pairs. • Measurement of screw pitch diameter directly (no need for calculation). • Includes a ratchet stop for accurate force measurement. • Interchangeable anvils or spindle tips are available as an option.

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