Mitutoyo 293-130-10 High Accuracy Digital Micrometer 0-1", Absolute Digimatic 2

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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : 293-130-10

Mitutoyo's MDH Digimatic ABSOLUTE digital micrometre makes high-accuracy measurements on workpieces that require absolute precision quick and straightforward. The MDH's very robust frame, high-performing constant-force ratchet mechanism, and unique thread cutting technology in the spindle all contribute to exceptional performance. This micrometre, which has a resolution of.000005" / 0.1m, is suitable for customers who need to make highly exact measurements with a hand-held tool. More steady measurements are enabled by a very stiff frame and high-performance constant-force mechanism*, while the clicks emitted while the work item is being measured convince the operator that measurement is progressing normally. A (removed) heat shield reduces the amount of body heat conveyed to the instrument, reducing the inaccuracy caused by thermal expansion of the frame when performing handheld measurements.

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