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Millimetre / Inch
0.01mm / .0005 inch

Mitutoyo 571-264-20 Digital Coolant Proof Hook End Depth Gauge 10 - 160 mm (0 - 150 mm) / .4 - 6.4" (0 - 6"), Resolution 0.01 mm / .0005"

Brand : Image Brand
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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : 571-264-20

The end of the main beam is hook-shaped to allow depth and thickness measurements of a projected portion or lip in a hole, in addition to standard depth measurement. • Enables stable depth measurement with a resolution of 0.01 mm. • Features Mitutoyo's ABSOLUTE system with IP67 ingress protection. No need to reset the origin after switching on. • Optional longer extension bases are available. • The OFF button is used to switch between direct display of hook and depth readings. • Slider operation is smooth and comfortable. • Models with measurement data output connector may be integrated into statistical process control and measurement systems. Specifications

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