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light-on/dark-on mode
-25 °C to 60 °C

Retro-reflective sensor ifm electronic O5P500 - O5P-FPKG/US

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Part Number : O5P500 - O5P-FPKG/US

  The rectangular retro-reflective sensor O5P500 - O5P-FPKG/US from ifm with polarisation filter is very robust due to the high protection rating IP67 and can be set easily thanks to the innovative teach operation. The unit features one button each for setting a precise on and off state. The retro-reflective sensor O5P500 - O5P-FPKG/US has a long range of 0.075-10 m and programmable light-on/dark-on mode. The sophisticated mounting accessories and the M12 connector which is rotatable by 270° enable easy adaptation in your application. The retro-reflective sensor O5P500 - O5P-FPKG/US is the perfect solution for position detection in packaging and conveying.

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