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2 to 10MHz
32000 + Reading
Metric, inch and µ seconds
2.5 to 25mm Echo-Echo with coatings of up to 2mm
Low & High, user defined Material Condition Alarm Types Visible: Flashing backlight and irregular digits Audible: Intermitent beep
USB to connect to a PC or RS232 (optional cable) Lemo 00 connectors for transducer
-10° a +50°C

DMQ Ultrasonic wall thickness and Corrosion gauge with Data Logging | QS5 DL | Range: 0.6 to 500mm / 0.025 to 19.999in

Brand : Image Brand
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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : QS5 DL

The sophisticated features on our QS5 DL include a Material Condition Analyzer, realtime BSCAN Graphics, and a Coupling Level Indicator. It also features a Data Logger that uses DMQ DataCenter software to communicate data and graphics saved in the unit memory to a PC. Unpainted metals and metal constructions, like as tubes, pipes, storage tanks, valves, pressured recipients, and ship hulls, can all be measured using a QS5 DL. Plastics, acrylics, ceramics, and glass, among other materials, can all be measured with it.

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